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A lawn expert, Mike Seaton, F.Inst. G (Dip), came to inspect my lawn. Mike is Managing Director of The Lawn Company and Editor of Grass Clippings.  Those initials after Mike’s name mark him down as a Fellow Member of the Institute of Groundsmanship. Mike is the lawn world’s equivalent of a Harley Street specialist.  I showed him our back lawn, which we like to think of as our best bit of turf. It was before the drought and the lawn was looking pretty splendid, though I say so myself.  Mike crouched down, had a quick rummage, pulled a face. ‘Eighty per cent weed,’ he declared.  Furthermore, with a quick glance at the patterns on the lawn he was able to tell precisely what type of lawn-mower I used — and that I needed to change the blade on my sit-on mower.   Here was a herbicultural Hercule Poirot

Quentin Letts - The Daily Mail


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I simply need lawn advice
Please visit our Lawn Blog found at where you will find lots of technical posts and leaflets - use the search facility at the top right of the web site to search particular lawn problems such as Moss Control on Lawns.

Can I read client testimonials?
We love to hear from clients where we have completed work and many of them provide comments about our work - these can be viewed on our home page.

How much does it cost per treatment?
Please follow our online estimate facility under the Services navigation tab, where you can enter your total lawn area in square metres, to obtain an estimate based upon the level of service selected. Having treated and worked on many lawns in the past, we are able to price lawn work based upon a cost per single square metre with some economies of scale on larger lawn areas but also some increase in basic cost dependant upon geographical location of your site.

I have used the Auto Estimate, is this the final cost I will pay?
Probably, in the majority of scenarios. The figures that come up on the Auto Estimate are based upon the number of square metres of lawn entered, type of service and geographical location. The Auto Estimate provides 'an estimate' of the likely costs with some built in quantity discounts for the larger lawns. It is there to be thought provoking on the possible project costs and more often than not, we are able to make a saving on the published costs, which are not set in stone and we may be able to flex upon request so do not let the opportunity pass to email our office with a pricing query on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Are your treatments more cost effective than DIY amateur lawn care products?
There is absolute no benefit in comparing amateur retail lawn care products against professional lawn care products, both on cost per square metre and overall quality of product and the results achieved. Add to this the fact that you get them professionally applied to the lawn too via one of our skilled Lawn Technicians!

Are you like other Lawn Treatment companies? What makes you so different?
We are called The Lawn Company with the Registered Trade Marks to support our concept. We are predominately a lawn care organisation where treatments form part of our service rather than treatments making up a large proportion of our business activity. We have not copied the concept of lawn treatments unlike many of the existing lawn treatment companies. We have gained our knowledge from our involvement in the Professional Sports turf Industry, treating Golf Courses and Sports Grounds since 1994. We are able to project manage small and large jobs and are used to multi site applications for Local Authorities and Commercial Clients amongst others. We are proud Trade Members of many trade bodies and ISO 9002 Quality Assured. We receive numerous referrals from the Amateur and Professional 'Trade' and Garden Advisory organisations and are professional advisors at National Garden Shows and Exhibitions. We offer a more bespoke service should this be required plus the renovation, installation and construction of lawn and grass areas.

Which areas does your service cover?
Please look at Quote Me facility on the Services navigation tab to ascertain if we cover your locality - once you log in you will see the Towns we cover. Our estimate costs are based upon Towns, Postal Code Areas and Districts but our number of Operators are increasing year on year and if you are outside our current operating area, we will simply make a higher charge than our Auto Estimate base cost to cover additional travelling time and costs. If you have a small lawn area, perhaps with us supplying the advice and products, these options will assist you in renovating your own lawn, which may be cheaper on a cost per square metre.

Will you make a visit to perform a lawn assessment ahead of your treatment?
Not in all instances. If we are simply making treatments and ask you the right questions during your initial enquiry, and you have viewed these Frequently Asked Questions, unless the work is for renovating or constructing, a preliminary site visit is not required and it allows us to keep costs slightly lower and more time to provide the service aspect too. The Lawn Technician will make a formal assessment of the lawn at the time of their initial treatment visit.

Are Treatments safe for Children and Pets?
Some of the Turf Care Products applied are classified as Irritants in the concentrated form only. Once they have been applied to the lawn and are dry, they will not pose a risk to lawn users. We do however use a spray indicator dye when applying liquids and this will temporarily stain the sprayed area until it rains. Best to keep off treated areas for at least 24 hours.

Do your charges include VAT?
Our charges as per the online estimate system include VAT so what you see is the price you pay so long as we have been provided with the correct number of square metres of lawns to start with. Your Lawn Technician will use a metric measuring wheel to measure the lawn(s) during their visit and notify you of the total area so that we can adjust our costs and record this information on our sales information database for future use.

Are your Lawn Technicians qualified to apply Pesticides?
All our Lawn Technicians possess the necessary Certificates of Competence issued by The National Proficiency Tests Council to apply Pesticides relevant to the Pesticides Code of Practice as determined by the FEPA Act 1988. In addition to this, some have professional turf care experience gained during their time working on golf courses.

I think my lawn is past its' best and beyond help - can you help me get it back to something that resembles a lawn?
Yes - look at one of our complete lawn renovation packages and then arrange to treat it every season once it has been renovated completely. You will be amazed. If it is really poor then you may like to consider skimming it off and starting again and we can assist you on this option too.

What is the advice on my mowing regime before and after your treatments?
Do not mow three days before or after a treatment. If we are scarifying your lawn, please mow on a lower than normal mower setting the day before our visit and collect the clippings. We will provide you with advice over and above this should we require something different to occur.

What minimum access to a rear lawn do you require?
We require a clear level run of 32 cms or 2 foot 6 inches for our Scarifiers and Aerators and they do not fit easily through front doors and into hallways. We can manage some steps and slopes but guttering down pipes, back door steps, external chimney breasts, sheds and brick walls often prove challenging. Please make sure that the lawn is clear of play equipment like trampolines and swings and leaves, oh and dog poo! We can arrange to hire smaller less professional mechanical equipment at an additional cost if access is a problem.

Do I need to be at home when you visit?
No - but it would be good to be able to gain access through security gates and rear garden gates so some forward thinking of allowing us access on the nominated treatment day would prevent a wasted visit and unecessary cost.

Do I need to water the lawn following a treatment?
It is rare that you will need to water the lawn following a treatment. If there is a need to water, you will be advised on the day. If Selective Weed Control Products are applied to the lawn, it actually needs to be rain free for a period of a couple of hours following treatment.

Do I need to sign a contract for your services?
There is no formal contact to sign for treatments or simple renovations but there will be for construction projects. You are covered under the terms of the Sale of Goods and Services Act that provides you with Consumer Protection should we fail to perform. We tend to work on a rolling contract that you are able to stop at any time ahead of the next visit. We are an ISO 9002 Quality Assured Company. Many Lawn Treatment companies allow for a high percentage of non-returning customers. We believe in a long-term relationship with our customers as lawn care is not a one off task but one that continues to 'grow' year on year.

At which point in the year can I commence your seasonal and additional treatments and mechanical services?
You can commence at any time of the year and your initial treatment will be the one that is closest to the time of year when you start with our services. If you are opting for complete renovation or installation and construction, this can be occur throughout the year for turf and in the growing season for grass seed.

My lawn is really mossy. Do your treatments control Moss and prevent future Moss outbreaks?
Moss and weeds and disease are indicative of your lawn telling you that the circumstances that you are trying to get it to grow under are not ideal. Moss Control as an optional treatment will control the surface moss by turning it black. Lawns that have been moss controlled should always be scarified two weeks later and then renovated as there is little point killing the moss without then removing it and over seeding the complete lawn. A lawn should have nothing in it except healthy and desirable turf grasses. Moss is a simple plant form that will grow on the surface of rocks and old tree stumps. It will easily grow on north facing lawns and in areas of bare soil where the grass has died out. In keeping your lawn healthy and dense, with occasional over seeding, you will be doing the best that you are able to do in order to maintain dense and healthy turf grasses that make up the body of your lawn. If you have Moss, the lawn is telling you that the individual turf grasses cannot survive in that environment for numerous reasons and the problem must be identified and a remedy sought!

What is the difference between Slow Release and Controlled Released Lawn Fertilisers?
Controlled Release Fertiliser which appear to be the favourite of the majority of other Lawn Treatment Companies release their nutrients over a period of time through a semi-permeable Sulphur Coated Granule that breaks down dependant upon soil moisture content and temperature. The problem arises when you mow the lawn and the action of the mower blade 'cracks' open the Sulphur Coated Granule thus releasing all the nutrients to the soil in one go and the turf grasses receive an immediate rush of fertiliser resulting in unecessary vegetative growth. We prefer Slow Release Linked Chain Polymer fertilisers that utilise alternative technology that are absorbed by the soil, with less than 5% leach potential to the soil without the added risk of a sudden release of nutrients. What you get in return is a more controlled release over a 8 - 12 week period and one that is not affected by mowing regimes. All a bit technical but the overall short and long term results are uncomparable.

How can I pay for your ongoing services?
We prefer payment via major debit or credit cards or you can opt to pay by cash or cheque or bank Standing Order. We are flexible to suit your requirements but require payment at the end of each visit and a 50% in advance deposit in the case of a complete lawn renovation package.

Are my details protected under the Data Protection Act?
Yes! We are registered with the Data Protection Registry. Why would we want to sell our Client records? You can be assured that we will only retain your records for our own ongoing use although you may receive a newsletter or other marketing detail from our other associated sites that are linked via the web portal.

I have the time and expertise to treat and care for my own lawn myself, can I purchase the turf care products from you direct for self application?
You have a complete choice and can choose to visit the 'Supply' link to select a product from our own Lawn Shop but you are unable to purchase professional pesticides unless you have a NPTC Certificate of Competance, a copy of which can be faxed to our office in advance of any purchase. We are able to provide details on a wide selection of professional pesticides currently approved for their intended use and relevance to your particular problem. If you are a professional Turf Manager and/or a Commercial Landscaper or resident or mobile Gardener, please email our office on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know your lawn/turf or weed problem and we would be pleased to assist further!

Will I automatically be reminded of your next visit?
Yes. Your next lawn treatment will be automatically scheduled in and around 90 days from the last visit. You will receive a reminder of the scheduled date beforehand so that you can add the item to your calendar or diary.

Can you come and vist my lawn(s) and provide a written technical report with full recommendations on renovation and aftercare?
Sure thing! Our cost start from £250.00 for a formal technical visit plus travelling time and expenses. We have prepared formal technical reports with recommendations for some large estates, commercial sites well known tourist attractions and establishments. We have travelled to Europe for Clients so location is not a problem! Getting the right advice is critical and we can advise on construction, installation, after care and maintenance and on the necessary maintenance equipment. We can put in touch with companies that can assist you if we are intially unable to. We have over 25 years practical, commercial and technical experience to draw upon so you are in the right hands to start with. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a technical visit.

I simply require lawn care advice.
Please go back to and click on the Advice option (under development currently) or refer to our Technical Leaflets on the Service site which are in a .PDF format. There are numerous lawn problems listed and the list is growing. If you cannot see the Technical Leaflet for your particular lawn problem, kindly email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will endevour to draft one out for you.

Arrrrrgggggghhhhh, It has all gone wrong with my lawn, can you help me out?
Okay, we have a passion for lawns and respect those that try themselves! Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with some .jpeg photos and some bullet points of the problem and if the answer is not included on our Advice Site, we will personally come back to you promptly in an effort to assist you further.

The Technical Leaflet I require is not listed.
We thought that we had it all covered! Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will do our upmost to get it sorted within seven to ten days so that other lawn owners can benefit from the information that you have requested!

You have not listed the subject matter of my FAQ!
Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will act upon it! Cannot say fairer than this! When we get asked more FAQs we will exend this list so everyone can obtain the answer.

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