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A lawn expert, Mike Seaton, F.Inst. G (Dip), came to inspect my lawn. Mike is Managing Director of The Lawn Company and Editor of Grass Clippings.  Those initials after Mike’s name mark him down as a Fellow Member of the Institute of Groundsmanship. Mike is the lawn world’s equivalent of a Harley Street specialist.  I showed him our back lawn, which we like to think of as our best bit of turf. It was before the drought and the lawn was looking pretty splendid, though I say so myself.  Mike crouched down, had a quick rummage, pulled a face. ‘Eighty per cent weed,’ he declared.  Furthermore, with a quick glance at the patterns on the lawn he was able to tell precisely what type of lawn-mower I used — and that I needed to change the blade on my sit-on mower.   Here was a herbicultural Hercule Poirot

Quentin Letts - The Daily Mail


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Is the cost of your fast track franchise option only £6,000?

Yes! This includes the Franchise Fee and Training and TLC Software and some basic but essential operating equipment.

What is not included?

You need to provide a small suitable white panel van, we provide the artwork design and you get it sign written. It also should be ply lined inside and have a full metal bulk head. You will also need to provide the communications and computer equipment and MS Office and email but most people already have this at home. You also have to provide the dedication and enthusiasm toward the concept too.

Why the Lawn Company?

We have the biggest presence on the internet via our portal site, our Lawn Blog and Lawn Shop as well as our existing Lawn Treatment service managed by our own Team. We provide so much more than lawn treatments.

How many Franchisees do you currently have?

We are keen to expand our existing small network of Franchisees currently providing a service in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Surrey

How much income could I generate in a 12 month period offering treatments only?

Our figures demonstrate that you could achieve sales of up to £40,000 per annum, rising to £56,000 in the second year if you are committed to the concept and your customers

What is the Franchise Royalty Fee?

The fee is 12.5% of gross sales paid monthly. This is paid to The Lawn Company. Traditionally, franchise concepts can cost up to £24,000 with an 8% Royalty Fee. The TLC Fast Track option keeps initial investment low and ongoing Royalty Fees workeable and realsitic but without being excessive.

What is the typical customer spend per treatment?

The average typical spend for treatments only across 70 clients was £140.00 and not all had four visits and treatments per annum.

Is it an all year round business?

The growing season typically lasts 10 months of the year, with some extremes of weather occasionally - like snow or drought.

How much could I expect to earn a day?

Assuming 160 working days over 8 months a year, you could expect to earn a minimum of £250 per single day but anything up to £500 per single day is achievable if you put your mind to it. Repeat buiness plays a big part of your income potential.

How will I market my services to potential clients?

You will receive enquiries direct from the many TLC web sites and you will kick start your marketing campaign with 500 marketing cards for self distribution within your agreed territory. Customer word of mouth also plays a big part in promoting your services. You are free to market yourself how you choose so long as it is under the TLC brand and concept.

Do I need to sign a Franchise Agreement?

You will be expected to sign the standard TLC Franchise Agreement.

Does TLC provide me with all the lawn treatment fertiliser and chemical products?

Yes. You will receive branded TLC fertilisers and chemical products as the source of these are critical to the success of the treatments. You will receive some initial fertiliser and chemical stock to get you going and then you can purchase sensible quantities as and when required going forward. We will not fill your garage with pallets of fertiliser that will take you ages to use unless you need it of course because you are so busy!

What treatments will I be able to offer clients?

You will be applying slow release lawn fertilisers, selective weed killer to lawns and total weed killers to driveways and paths and patios. You will be able to treat worm casts, lawn pests and insects, lawn disease, moss and wetting agents to name a few. This list can be expanded when you recognise common symptons and lawn problems as your turf culture skills increase over time. you can also offer contract weed control services to industrial and commercial sites.

Can I run more than one vehicle in my territory?

Yes. Some additional training will be required for your second lawn technician. This will be chargeable.

How big will my territory be and will it be exclusive to me and protected?

Your territory will be defined by postal code area. It will not be a complete postal district like SL - Slough/Windsor/Ascot/Maidenhead as it will be too big to manage. It may be half the SL district, defined by the postal areas, so SL5/SL6/SL7 - SL10 for example. You should not be driving past lots of lawns to service those on the edge of your territory! It will be exclusive and protected for you.

How can I grow my business?

When you have a client base and have mastered the treatment concept, you may consider offering mechanical operations such as scarification and aeration as well as lawn installations and renovation to potential clients. We will provide the additional training for this expansion for an additional training fee. We will guide you in the purchase of suitable mechanical equipment to enable you to perform additional services and key suppliers too.

Where can I take it from here - do you provide additional documentation that I can view?

This is a fast track route into treating lawns. There should not be a need for lengthy meetings as this keeps the costs at a minimum for both parties. You can download some additional paperwork here or use the contact page on the main web site and we can send the paperwork out to you. The paperwork includes a welcome letter and a brief outline of the concept, a summary of franchise set up costs, details on income and profitability and an an enquiry form.

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